Barefoot Nellie


Reno & Smiley

Key <A>


Lyrics from 1963 television show


Also nice played slower in key <G>


Redhaired pecker sitting on a limb
Ma said chicken but Nellie got him
Wrung his neck and picked him clean
Funniest chicken Iíve ever seen

Hey Barefoot Nellie
Ho Barefoot Nellie
Hey Barefoot Nellie
You're the one for me


Now Nellie went to town one day
Ridin' on a load of hay
Sold a man a trip to Mars
And now she sittting behind the bars



Nellie put on her Sunday dress
Half of it was lookin' best
Made out of an old feed sack
Cow feed wrote right on the back




Now Nellieís got a pair of shoes

She can wear them if she choose

Why the heck's she got the blues?

Who wants to wear size 22