Bile That Cabbage Down


key <D> Fiddler's Companion

key <A> Benton Flippen

key <A#> Uncle Dave (different Lyrics)


key <G#> Skillet Lickers (different Lyrics)


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Went up on the mountain top

To give my horn a blow

Thought I heard somebody say

“Yonder comes my beau”


Bile ‘em cabbage down, down

Bake ‘em hoecakes brown

The only song that I can sing is bile ‘em cabbage down


Possum up a simmon tree

Racoon on the ground

Raccoon says “you son of a gun

Shake some simmons down”


Somebody stole my old dog

Wish they’d bring him back

He chased the big hogs through the fence

The little one’s through the crack


Met a possum on the road

As blind as he could be

Jumped the fence and whipped my dog

And bristled up at me


Once I had an old grey mule

Name was Simon slick

He’d roll his eye’s and back his ears &

How that mule would kick


How that mule would kick,

He kicked with his dying breath

He shoved his hind feet down his throat

& kicked himself to death