Breathless Love


Maddox Brotherís & Rose


original key <Fshar>

for KTRB, Modesto, Ca. (1949)


When your letter I received

Oh I dropped, down on my knee

And I thanked the lord above for your love

Here in these prison walls

Mighty men have I seen fall

For the lack of love like yours to share


When I kiss your lovely lips

Was like the blooming of a rose

& your eyes would shone with love, like a dove

Oh I could jump on a shrub & fly to you

I am breathless, breathless with love for you


<short instr>


Until I hold your lovely charm

Was again in my arms

Oh Iíll be dreaming of the time that used to be

When we kiss oh perfect bliss

Oh those times my love Iíve missed

We were closer than the rose buds are to the bush


Oh Iím coming home to you

I know that youíve been lonely too

And Iíll pray each day that I live

That peace on earth & freedom rein

For as long as I remain

In this life that I live on earth with you