Sam Cooke


Bring It On Home 1962


Key <C>


(intro I / IV /  I / V/  I / IV /  I / V/ )


I ///   V  ///    I ///     IV ///

I ///   IV / V/  I / IV /  I / V /


If you ever change your mind
About leaving leaving me behind (oh baby)
Bring it to me
Bring your sweet loving
Bring it on home to me

I know I laughed

When you left

But now I know I only hurt myself (oh baby)

Bring it to me...

I give you jewelry and money too
That ain't all that ain't all I'd do for you
Ooh, bring it to me...

You know I'll always

Be your slave

Till I'm buried buried in my grave

Ohh honey bring it to me...

I've tried to treat you right
But you stayed out stayed out late at night
(I forgive you) bring it to me...