Chalk Up Another One

Osborne Brothers


Original Key <Fsharp>


You should get a medal dear, for every broken heart

For every life you’ve ruined cause you think your so smart

I never even had a chance and now my life is lost

What’s more you’ve had your fun you don’t care just what it cost


Chalk up another one another broken heart

Chalk up another one a heart you tore apart

You took me for a fool my dear how well I played the part

Chalk up another one another broken heart


Broken vows and shattered dream, mean little dear to you

Cause once you said you loved me now you say were threw

All is fair in love and war, I guess you taught me so

But in this crazy game of love I’ve hit an all time low


I have only pity for this evil life you chose

This unfair game your playing where everyone must lost

Let me tell you something one day you won’t forget

Add me to your collection and you’ll wish we’d never met