Fly Around My Blue Eyed Girl

From Jerry Silverman Old-time Country Fiddle


Fly around, my blue-eyed gal

Fly around, my daisy

Fly around, my blue-eyed gal

You almost drive me crazy.


Once I had a fortune,

I laid it in a trunk

Lost it all a-gamblin’

One night when I was drunk.


Every day and Sunday too,

It seems so dark and hazy.

Thinkin’ ‘bout my blue-eyed gal,

She done run me crazy.


If I had no horse at all,

I’d be found a-crawlin’

Up and down this rocky road,

A-lookin’ for my darlin’.


Went up on the mountain top,

To give my horn a blow.

Thought I heard somebody say,

“Yonder comes my beau”