I'm A Lover Not A Fighter


Original Key <E>


Lazy Lester 1958


<chorus after each verse>


I met a pretty girl as pretty as can be 

I thought she was my baby till she introduced to me

A great big tall fellar about six feet four

I shiver and a shook couldn't do any more


Cause I'm a lover not a fighter

Cause I'm a lover not a fighter

I'm a lover not a fighter and I'm really built for speed

Built for speed built for speed


Well if people say I'm lazy but there's a lot they don't know

When I'm in the mood I can go cat go


Now if you think a jet was fast you ought to see me run 

I can travel faster than a bullet from a gun


<harp solo>


I can't roar like a loin can't even sting like a bee

But I sometime I think maybe I got rabbit blood in me