Ida Red


Jack Guthrie


Key <A>


Light's in the parlor, fire's in the grate,

Clock on the mantle says it's a gettin' late,

Curtains on the window, snowy white,

The parlor's is pleasant on Sunday night.

Ida Red, Ida Red,


I'm a plumb fool 'bout Ida Red x2

Lamp on the table, picture on the wall,

There's a pretty sofa and that's not all,

Farmer Brown picking them showing them right

Somebody else in the parlor tonight.


My old woman promised me

When she died she'd set me free

She lived so long her head got bald

Then decided not to die at all


Granny will ya dog bite, no chile no,

Grab your girl & dosido

Hurry up boys and don't fool around,

Grab your girl and truck on down.


Light's a-burnin' dim, fires a-gettin' low

Somebody whispered it's time to go,

I hear the whisper, tender and light

Don't forget to come next Sunday night