It Was A Dream


Brownie McGhee Key ?

Stompin' Dave Key <C>


It was a dream

Just a dream I had on my mind x2

Well when I woke up this morning

Not a thing could I find


I dream I was in heaven

Sitting down around the thrown

Dreaming I had a pretty angel

Laying back in my arms

It was a dream...


Well I dreamed I was playing the horses

Playing the numbers too

Dreamed I won so much money

I didn't know what to do

It was a dream...


Well I dreamed I was in the Whitehouse

Sitting down in the presidents chair

Dreamed he shook my hand

Said Brownie glad you hear

It was a dream


Well I dreamed I was married

Had a mermaid for my wife

Dreamed I won the Brooklyn Bridge

Down on my knees shooting dice


Well I dreamed again I was married

Tried to raise me a family

Dream I had ten children

And they all looked like me