Little Brown Jug

Original lyrics


Key <C>


Me and my wife live all alone

In a little log hut we call our own;

She loves gin and I love rum

And don't we have a lot of fun!


Ha, ha, ha, you and me,

Little brown jug, don't I love thee!

Ha, ha, ha, you and me,

Little brown jug, don't I love thee!


When I go toiling on the farm

I take the little jug under my arm;

Place it under a shady tree,

Little brown jug, 'tis you and me.


íTis you that makes me friends and foes,

íTis you that makes me wear old clothes;

But, seeing you're so near my nose,

Tip her up and down she goes.


If all the folks in Adam's race

Were gathered together in one place,

I'd let them go without a tear

Before I'd part from you, my dear.


If I'd a cow that gave such milk,

I'd dress her in the finest silk;

Feed her up on oats and hay,

And milk her twenty times a day.


I bought a cow from Farmer Jones,

And she was nothing but skin and bones;

I fed her up as fine as silk,

She jumped the fence and strained her milk.


And when I die don't bury me at all,

Just pickle my bones in alcohol;

Put a bottle o' booze at my head and feet

And then I know that I will keep.


*I lay in the shade of a big old tree

Little Brown Jug in the shade with me

I raise her up and have a pull

Little brown jugís about half full


The rose is red, my nose is too,

The violet's blue and so are you;

And yet, I guess, before I stop,

We'd better take another drop.


*not in the wiki version but in banjo song book