Little Maggie

Tommy Jarrell


Oh yonder stands little Maggie

With a dram glass in her hands

She's drinking away her troubles

And a courtin' some other man


Pretty flowers were made for blooming

Pretty stars these made to shine

Pretty women were made for lovin'

Little Maggie was made for mine


Oh how can I ever stand it

To see them two blue eyes

A shining like some diamonds

Pretty diamonds in the sky


Sometimes I have one nickel

Sometimes I have just dime

Sometimes I have ten dollars

Just to pay off little maggie’s fine


Come and go with me to the depot

With a suitcase in each hand

I’m a going away going to leave you

You can hunt you another man


Last time a saw little Maggie

She was sittin' on the banks of the sea

Had the whisky bottles all stacked all round her

And a banjo on her knee