Mannish Boy


Muddy Waters


Key <A>


Oh yeah oh yeah

Everything going to be alright this morning


Now when I was a young boy at the age of five

My mother said I'm going be the greatest man alive

But now I'm a man I made twenty one

I want you to believe it honey having lots of fun


* I'm a man I spell M A child N

That rubber foot (represent) man no B O child

Y that spell mannish boy


I'm a man full grown man

I'm a man I'm a rolling stone

I'm a man I'm a hoochie coochie man

(I'm a man I'm a full grown man)


Sitting on the outside just me and my mate

I made the move come up two hours late

Wasn't that man


return to * sing bit in brackets then end



The line I shoot and never miss

When I make love to a woman she can't resist

Think I'll go back to old Kansas too

Bring back my second cousin little john the conquer root 

All you little girls sitting out that line

I'll make love to a woman in five minutes time


Ain't that a man I spell M...