Moonlight & Sky

Jack Guthrie



This fair maidenís sweetheart did not realise

That the greatest of riches was his moonlight and sky

He landed in prison to weakend to sigh

And lost all his freedom, his moonlight and sky


He wrote to his darliní with pen in his hand

And here is the answer that flowed from her pen

Your craviní for riches you feel into crime

You lost first your true love then your moonlight and sky


His youthfulness teaching and young idle mind

It fill up our prisons leave sorry behind

Your family and friends are suffering too

To the good lord in heaven there praying for you


Tis a man a true prayer your mother has prayed

Her poor heart is broken for you know you have strayed

Your father is weakening he thinks he has failed

You ignored his wisdom and now your in jail


But true love is eternal it never goes dim

It#s just as true now as the day you went in

So Iím closing my letter with tears in my eyes

And Iíll keep right on waiting with our moonlight and sky