Mule Skinner Blues


As sung by Maddox Brothers & Rose


Good morning captain, good morning shine x2

Do you need another mule skinner, out on your new mud line

Yodal aye eee hee he he he hee


Iím going to town honey,

What do you want me to bring you back x2

Bring a pint of booze & a John B. Stetson hat


Hey little water boy bring that water round x2

If you donít like your job, yhen lay that bucket down

I like to work Iím rolling all the time x2

I can pop my initial on a mule most any old time


Additional verses:


Working on the rail road

Dollar and a half a day x2

My good gals waiting on a Saturday night just to draw my pay


I smell your bread a burning, turn your damper down x2

If you ainít got a damper turn that bread around