Old Dan Tucker



Went to town the other night

To hear a noise and see a fight

All the people standing around

Cryin’ Old Dan Tucker’s back in town


Get out the way, Old Dan Tucker

Your too late to get your supper

Supper’s over & dinner’s cooking

Old Dan Tucker’s just a standing there lookin’


Old Dan Tuckers a fine old man

Washed his face in afrying pan

Combed his hair with a wagon wheel

Died with a toochache in his heel


Old Dan Tucker came to town

Riding a Billygoat huggin a hound

Hound dog barked and the billy goat jumped

Old Dan fell straddle of a stump


Old Dan Tucker clumb a tree

His lord and master all to see

The limb it broke and Dan he fell

Never got to see his lord at all


Old Dan Tucker he got drunk

Fell in the fire and kicked up a chunk

Red hot coal in his hoe

Lord go mighty how the ashes flew


Old Dan Tucker come to town

Swing the ladies round and round

First to the right & then to the left

And then to the pretty girl he love best