Old Joe Clarke


Old Joe Clarke the preachers son

Preached all over the plains

The only words he ever knew

Was high low black & game


Fare thee well, Old Joe Clarke

Fare the well my darling

Fare thee well, Old Joe Clarke

Im a going away


Old Joe Clarke he had a mule

Name was Morgan Brown

Every tooth in that mules head

Was sixteen inches round


I went to Old Joes house

He invited me to supper

Stumped my toe on the table leg

Tripped my nose in the butter


Old Joe Clarke he had a house

Sixteen stories high

Every story in the house

Filled with chicken pie


Additional verses:

Old Joe Clarke a fine old man

Tell you the reason why

Keeps good liquor round house

Good old rock and rye


Sixteen horses in my team

The leaders they are blind

Every time the sun goes down

Pretty girl on my mind