On The Southbound


Dicky Lee 1971

Charlie Pride 1971

Lester Flatt & Mac Wiseman 1972


Composed D.Lee

Lyrics: A.Reynolds


Well I woke up the this morning when the cold Chicago wind

Blow my newspaper blanket off my back

Through my dirty broken window the great sun filtered in

And dreamed about a southbound railroad track


I could almost hear crickets in a sleepy cotton field

As Daddy drove our wagon to the gin

But today I'd give a fortune for a twenty five cent meal

And I wish I was country boy again



Let me ride on the southbound

Back to where I came from I don't care just where I am

Let me ride on the southbound

Put me off somewhere near Birmingham


What my happened to my vision of a mansion on the hill

And the fame and fortune I came here to win

I've got nothing but the roaches running cross my window sill

And I wish I was country boy again