Prohibition Blues


Clayton McMichen (Leader of The Skillet Lickers)


Key C shapes capo2 D


Blockade liquor has done me wrong, I can’t sleep night or day

That terrible feeling that comes along, when the kick it begin to get away

Heart ache poison and a nicher too, they call it sugar of lead

If you drink the bootleg shine your sure have an aching head

Yo dal ahee a hee o lay hee


Did ever wake up on a Sunday at morn, with the snakes all around your bed?

I know you have and I have too, I know I’d rather be dead

The preacher comes around and gives advice, and then you have to stall

But if he gets to the bottle first, he never leaves you none at all


I’ll tell you brother and I won’t lie, what’s the matter with this land

They’ll drink it west and soda dry, and hide it if they can

They’ll pitch a party, and they’ll all get drunk and call it society

But if they catch you with a pint, good morning penitentiary, hey, hey


Prohibition has killed more folks, than chairman ever seen

If they don’t get whisky they’ll take to dope, cocaine & morphine

This old country it sure ain’t dry, and dry will never be seen

Prohibition just a scheme a prize money making machine

Yo dal ahee o dal ee ay do lay hee


Hal folic acid and creosote oughta kill any man

Some get paralyzed some get well, some hit the golden land

The undertaker has got to live, feed him if you can

Prohibition say it again, money making prize machine

Yo dal ahee a hee o lay hee