Ride & Roll


Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee 1955

Key <E> ?



Give me your ticket long as my right arm


Mr red car porter now help me with my heavy load (x2 each time)

Cause the woman I'm loving she further on down the road


Well I know my baby bound to jump and shout

When that bus roll up old sonnny come walking out


I'm going to ride ride ride I'm going to roll roll roll x2

I'm going to find my baby carry this heavy load


I'm going to write me a letter going to mail it in the hour

Going to let your man know I got me a woman somewhere


Well I know my baby bound to love me some

Throw her arms all around me like a circle all around the sun


I'm going to ride...


instrumental x2


Catch the greyhound bus going to ride it till it's tongue ride the ground

Going to find this baby don't think she can be found


I'm going to ride...


I'm going to ride...