Saturday Night Fish Fry


Louis Jordon 1949


Original Key <Bb>


Now if you ever been down to New Orleans

You can understand just what I mean

All through the week it's as quiet as mouse

But on a Saturday night they go from house to house

You don't have to pay the usual admission

Your a cook a waiter or a good musician

So if you happen to be passing by

Stop at the Saturday Night Fish Fry


It was rockin' x2 (after each verse)

You never such such scuffing and shuffing till the break of dawn

It was rockin' x2

You never such such scuffing and shuffing till the break of dawn


Now my buddy and me was on the main stem

Just fooling around just me and him

We decided we could use a little something to eat

So we went to a house on Rampart Street

We knocked on the door and opened with ease

And a lush little miss said come in please

Before we could even bat an eye we were

Right in the middle of a big fish fry


Now the folks was having the time of their life

And Sam was jiving Jimmy's wife

And over in the corner was a beat up grand

Being played by a big fat piano man

Now some of the chicks wore expensive sock

Some of them had on Bobby Sox

Nice everybody was nice and high

On this particular Saturday Night Fish Fry


Now my buddy and me we fell right in

And we hollered let the joy begin

We figured this was a good place to play

Cause the party was already under way

But all of the sudden the lights went low

And everybody made for the front door

Man I was so scared I didn't no where to go 

I stood right there then I fell on the floor


Now the women were screaming and jumping and yell

The bottles was flying and the fish was smelling

And way up above all the noise they made somebody hollared

Better get out of here this is a raid 

I didn't know we were breaking the law

But somebody reached over and hit me in the jaw

They had us blocked off from the front to the back

And they were putting them in the wagon like potato sacks


I knew I could get away if I had a chance

But I was shaking like I had the St. Vitus dance

Now I tried to crawl under a bath tub

When the policeman said where you going now bud

Now they got us out of there like a house on fire

Put us all in that black mariah

Now they might of missed but a pitiful few

But they got both me and my buddy too


We headed for jail in a dazed condition

They booked each one of on suspicion

Now my chick came down and went bail

And finally got me out of that rotten jail

Now if you ever want to get a fish in the eye

Just mention a Saturday Night Fish Fry

I don't care how many fish in the sea

Don't you ever mention a fish to me