String Bean Mama

Smiling Bill Carlise


Iíve got a mama, says sheís sweet sixteen x2

I think sheís sixteen tons around

She look just like a string bean

Your a string bean mama!


String bean mama, Iím going to change your ways x2

Iím gonna pull that green offa you

Iím gonna string you one of these days

Your a string bean mama


When I found you mama string bean was sailing low x2

Done got found her on string bean

Donít want no string beans no more


You ainít my colour, cause you got green ways x2

Gonna pull that green hub offa you

Gonna change your colour one of these days

Youíre my string bean mama


String bean mama donít roll your eyes at me x2

Cause Iím a bean stringing daddy

Youíd better leave me be

Youír my string bean mama