Turkey In The Straw


Banjo Pickers songbook


Well, I had an old hen and she had a wooden leg

Just the best old hen that ever laid an egg

Well, she laid more eggs than any hen on the farm

But another little drink wouldn't do her any harm


Turkey in the straw, in the straw ,straw, straw

Turkey in the hay, in the hay, hay, hay

Pick 'em up, shake 'em up, any way at all

And pick a tune called Turkey in the straw


Well, I hitched up the wagon and I drove down the road

With a two horse wagon and a four horse load

Well I cracked my whip and the lead horse sprung

And I said goodbye to the wagon tongue


Well, if frogs had wings and snakes had hair

And automobiles went a flying thro' the air

And if watermelons grew on a huckleberry vine

We'd have winter in the summer time